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The Journey To Reclaim Your Health

I know just how frustrating it is when your health is holding you back. You want to fly, but you feel like you’re wading through mud. If you had more energy, less aches and pains and just felt better, you’d be able to do all the things that make life awesome – whether that’s getting back into great shape, playing more golf, or just being able to play football with your kids in the park.

You’re not alone. Chronic disease rates are rising rapidly worldwide, and unfortunately our medical system isn’t equipped to deal with it – there’s no magic pill for chronic disease. There’s no ‘silver bullet’, quick-fix or cheat code. As with all things worth having in life, your health is worth the effort – because you deserve to feel amazing.

Which is why you’re here. You’ve got what it takes. You already know it takes more than medication to turn your health around, and you’re ready to go on that journey.

But where to start? With so much conflicting advice these days (Vegan? Should I drink celery juice? Are eggs bad for me?!), you need a Guide.
Someone who has studied for many years and knows the path. Someone who has the roadmaps, knows where the potholes and shortcuts are, and can guide you speedily to your destination. Someone who has actually done the journey herself (ahem… hi, that’s me!).
Your health history is unique which is why you need a personalised approach to understand what is important for you. No fad diets, generic advice or long lists of forbidden foods here. Diet, gut microbiome, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices all affect people differently, which is why I offer an approach that is as unique as you are. I also take into consideration psychological, biological and genetic factors to address the root cause of any imbalance, dysfunction or inability to heal (because stress, sleep and mindset matter). 
Ready to take the plunge?
The Nutrigenomics Package
Your genes lay the foundations of truly personalised nutrition approaches. This programme is designed for those with multiple health conditions including autoimmune conditions, multiple allergies/sensitivities, and those with symptoms including depression and anxiety (especially if unresponsive to medication) or fatigue and tiredness.
The Peak Performance Package
This package is for those with lives, jobs and schedules that are demanding and require optimal performance. Particularly useful for those with digestive symptoms and IBS. Wether you're a CEO, frequent traveller, professional athlete, business owner, or a combination of the above, this programme is for you if you wish to reach your peak performance by optimising your diet, sleep and supplements.

The Clear Skin Solution

A Functional Medicine guide to healing your acne from the inside.

100% safe & secure, you details won’t be shared with anyone.

ebook cover The Clear Skin Solution