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If you have other health concerns or need advice choosing the right package, please feel free to send an email or book a call to see how I can help you.

The Nutrigenomics Package
Your genes lay the foundations of truly personalised nutrition approaches. This programme is designed for those with multiple health conditions including autoimmune conditions, multiple allergies/sensitivities, and those with symptoms including depression and anxiety (especially if unresponsive to medication) or fatigue and tiredness.
The Peak Performance Package
This package is for those with lives, jobs and schedules that are demanding and require optimal performance. Particularly useful for those with digestive symptoms and IBS. Wether you're a CEO, frequent traveller, professional athlete, business owner, or a combination of the above, this programme is for you if you wish to reach your peak performance by optimising your diet, sleep and supplements.

The Clear Skin Solution

A Functional Medicine guide to healing your acne from the inside.

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ebook cover The Clear Skin Solution